Ways to Never Miss an Important Callback

Ways to Never Miss an Important Callback

Range Govindan
Nov 8, 2011

Whether you're on call, job hunting, or just need to hear back from an important customer or client, responding to your phone might be a necessary evil of your lifestyle, especially when it comes to work-related issues. With most of us setting our phones on vibrate permanently, it's easy to miss alarms, calls, and callbacks. Here's how to never miss one again.

This also applies if you're substituting for someone at work. If you tell your employer that you don't mind being on call from time to time, you'd better expect to get some inopportune calls. While some employers are tech-savvy, a lot of them still rely on calls.

1. Customize Your Phone's Profiles: There are a host of different ways to program cell phones. An easy way is to assign your employer or important people a different profile, that will make your phone ring, even if it's on vibrate. Most of the newer phones will allow you to tailor a ring, which will ensure that you won't miss a call from your boss.

2. Landline: One of the easiest ways to remedy this, if you are spending time at home, is to simply be reachable on your landline (if you've still got one). Some people might dismiss these, but they are extremely hard to ignore and will rarely be put on vibrate.

3. Email: It's important for people to know which ways you can be easily reached. Email might seem a bit antiquated, but they are convenient and hard to miss when you get urgent notifications.

4. Social Networking: One of the newest ways of being reached is to simply get a notification via a social networking site, like Twitter, Facebook or G+. This all depends on which service you use, but Twitter is fast and immediate, making it easy to spot an '@' reply or mention.

5.Missing a Call: If all fails and you still miss an important call, make sure you follow up. In our experience, most people are happy to receive some kind of a response after a missed call or text.

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