6 Ways To Reuse Bread Tags

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love reusing stuff, keeping it out of the garbage and putting it to work in a new and clever way. Bread tags are something we’ve been saving since we saw this collection. But in a recent cleaning fever fit, we decided they had to go. They were just taking up space. Or were they? Whole Living has dreamed up some clever ideas that’ll give them a second chance.

  1. Got a drawer full of unmarked keys? Use bread tags to organize and tag them.
  2. Keep your socks together: we use safety pins to clip our socks together. Might be time to make a switch.
  3. Cord organizer: We’re always getting our IPhone cord knotted up. Use a bread tag to keep it tangle free.
  4. Wine charms: Too many guests, not enough glasses? Print each guest’s name on a bread tag and clip it around the stem of a wineglass.
  5. No more rubber band balls: Organizing your rubberbands by forming them into a ball is great in theory. In practice, the rubberbands lose their elasticity and the size you want is always at the center of the ball. Use a bread tag to keep them clipped together in a drawer.

However, our favorite idea might be this one we spotted over at Unplggd: use bread tags to label cords!

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