Ways to Soundproof Against Downstairs Landlord’s Noise?

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Q: I’ve got a bit of a noise issue that I was hoping you all could help me out with. I live in the middle apartment of a three-unit building, with tenants above and below me. My neighbor from below, who also happens to be my landlord, is really loud. We’ve talked to him about the noise, and he has been helpful in changing his speaker-systems around and by not playing music late at night. However, I can still hear almost everything that goes on in the apartment – phone conversations, dinner parties, which movie he’s watching…you name it.

Most of this noise is between 11PM – 2AM. I don’t want to be a jerk by also asking him to talk quieter or invite less people over (because really, that’s not my place).

Are there some ways I can soundproof my apartment to block against downstairs neighbors? I’ve looked in the site’s archives, but most of your soundproofing tips are for loud upstairs-stompers or street noise. I should mention that I rent, so major construction is out of my hands.

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