Ways To Woo Your Love Around The Home

Ways To Woo Your Love Around The Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 12, 2010

For years, my grandparents left little love notes around their home. It didn't matter if it was Valentine's Day or not and years later, many of them were still in place. Their sweet sentiments to each other became permanent fixtures in their home and were reminders for future generations — plus they beat the proverbial pants off chocolate!

When we would go visit our Grandparents, it was always fun to see where little notes were stashed. Some were in the medicine cabinet, others in dresser drawers. No matter where they were, they became constant and daily affirmations of the love they shared. It was as cute, as cute could be and the idea always seemed to carry more weight than some cheesy store bought card and a stuffed bear that will sit on your shelf and collect dust for years to come.

Looking for some ideas on where to hide a little love around your home? Here's a few ways to get your creative woo-juices flowing, make sure to add your own thoughts in the comments below!

String A Banner: Confess your love in long hand with a banner spanning a doorway.
Make A Mix-Tape: The art of the mix-tape seems over looks these days with genius play lists, try making a sweet sound track and upload it to their mp3 player or stick the cd in the car.
Hang It Up: Attach a small sonnet to a hanger and mix it in with the rest of the wardrobe.
Kick It Old School: Just like when you were little, leave a lunch time love note. Express your thoughts on a brown bag, or write on a napkin tucked into their lunch pack!
Tape It Up: To the ceiling that is. How often during our day do we check out the ceilings. Try taping your note up high and make them reach for it!

(Image: Flickr member Jessica.Garro licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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