UK Designers Create Décor Powered by Bug Juice

UK Designers Create Décor Powered by Bug Juice

Sonia Zjawinski
Jun 29, 2009

We admit it. We've seen a cockroach or two in our apartment (we live in New York after all). Being on the ground floor we've seen all kinds of insects actually. It gets worse in the winter when we have to bring all our cold hating plants in with all their squatting anthropods. We're not a big fan of chemicals, so we sometimes mix up our own batch of dish soap, water, and olive oil to spray some plants down. That only cuts down on some of the pests.

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau think our household décor should be earning their keep in our homes by helping us with our domestic pests and in turn using those unwanted guests as fuel to power themselves up. How cool would it be if our computers, TVs, stereos, etc. were powered by bug juice? PETA would probably have something to say about that...

Flypaper Robotic Clock: Flypaper stretched over a roller traps insects. A scraper at the base of the roller flicks captured bugs into a microbial fuel cell beneath, in which bacteria digest the fly and produce power the fuel cell can use to power the LCD clock and keep the roller moving.

Bug Lamp: When the lamp isn't being used ultraviolet lights in the base lure bugs over and trap them. The captured critters fall into the fuel cell bath below, which like the flypaper clock, eat the bugs and create power to light up the lamp and power the UV LEDs.

via New Scientist

(Images: Auger–Loizeau)

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