More Inspiration: Table Markers

More Inspiration: Table Markers

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 25, 2008

We couldn't help but expand on a photo posted earlier today. The table marker at Spin Pizza got our wheels a-turning. We love the shape and the idea of using it around our house. It has a small footprint on your furniture, but a large viewing space, that has many design possibilities. Click through the jump to see some ideas we've been bouncing around.

06-25-08-Table Marker Thumbs.jpg

Sure a small triangle of wood doesn't seem like something worthy of design praise... but it could be. These table markers are roughly 9" in height and 4" wide. After a quick diagonal cut, you have two fresh pieces of wood just dying to be used.

We have thought of several ways to put our new earthy triangles to work.

Easily held up by a thumbtack, we think the shape is perfect to hold a menu for your summer dinner party. It could also be easily used as a way to dress up the usually drab grocery list.

They could be made into bookends to adorn your book collection. If they are too light, you could kick it Pine Wood Derby style (Scouts Honor!) and drill holes in the bottom that will hold lead fishing weights, adding some stability.

Graphics could be cut from shelf liner and simply pressed on. We suggest using the end of a popsicle stick or a brayer to make sure it adheres well.

It would also be an easy way to incorporate whatever happens to be trendy that month... be it damask prints, birds, deer or even hippos (we heard they are the new black). Just peel up the old and lay down the new. Screen printing would also be an option if you are feeling brave.

No matter where your imagination takes you, be sure to round off any sharp edges with a quick sandpaper treatment. You can even take it outside and roll it around in the dirt to make it look a bit more used before calling it done!

All in all, you never know where inspiration will strike, so keep your eyes peeled.

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