All-in-One Recycling Center From Mode

All-in-One Recycling Center From Mode

Jen DeRose
May 7, 2009

We currently have two white plastic bins tucked underneath an open counter for our recycling. Ugly, but they do the job. So our first reaction to this All-In-One Recycling Center was that it was fancy and too similar to a trash compactor. But then we learned a little more about it and began to change our mind..

We balked when we first picked out our Ikea bins that are visible in our kitchen. But they were they only ones the right size, and the price was right. (And our boyfriend did a lot of convincing. Like promising to take the recycling out himself.) We've since gotten used to them, and this appliance from Mode seemed like a bit much.

But then we learned it stores paper up front, glass in the back, and (this is what we really like) there's a human-powered step to crush aluminum cans (no electricity required). So you can be lazy about taking the recycling out, but aren't using any power.

And, honestly, in stainless steel or high gloss black that can be mounted under a counter to fit right in, it looks a lot nicer, too.

Available at Green Depot for $279.95.

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