Cost Per Use

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
We found this chair on the street and had it reupholstered; the base to this table was in our room as a kid.

Yesterday, we blogged a
pricey dog bowl and there was some discussion about the price of it; we also took this quiz about
how our life impacts the planet and, in the strange way our mind puts things together, it got us thinking about Cost Per Use, a philosophy hammered into us by our thrifty family.

We tend to be of the “use it up, wear it out” camp. We try to eat low on the food chain when the choice is ours to make; we try to maintain a pattern of harmonious living with the planet. How does a $160 dog bowl fit into that? Well, if we love it and we use it every day, then, after a while, a pretty short while, its cost per use becomes almost nothing. If we keep it for many years — handmade, local and green are icing on the cake — well, can you see where this is going? That’s why we’re fans of vintage furniture and well-made pieces — whether from Ikea or Vivre — that, with a little care or tweaking (polishing, repainting, reupholstering) can stay with us for many moves and many life changes. Yeah, sometimes the stuff we post here is pricey but if you love it, maybe not so much.