Best Product: EFI Fan/Light Timer Switch

Best Product: EFI Fan/Light Timer Switch

Jonathan B.
Jan 14, 2008

We got one of these timer switches working over the weekend. Wow... what a difference. The air in the bathroom stays clean and fresh, and it no longer feels damp when you walk in the room.

It looks like a regular toggle switch, but the EFI fan/light time delay switch operates both the fan and the light in the bathroom. When you leave and hit the switch, the light goes off, but the fan keeps running. After a delay, the fan switches off.

The Home Ventilation Institute recommends running an exhaust fan for 20 minutes after using a bathroom, so this is a great way to do that without wasting energy from forgetting to turn off the fan.

The delay can be adjusted from 1 to 60 minutes with a little screw dial on the front of the switch.

You can override the delay if you don't want the fan running for some reason.  (Just position the switch in the third position, in between the on and off.)  Installation was easy and could be done by a novice as long as you have the switches for your bathroom fan and light in the same electrical box.  Turn the electricity off first.  Make sure you have daylight in your bathroom or a strong flashlight or lantern with fresh batteries.  Then remove the existing switches and follow the directions to connect both the light and fan wires to the new switch.  Or, it would be a relatively inexpensive job for an electrician or handyman.

The EFI model shown retails for about $40 online and is available in white, almond, and ivory to match most common electrical outlets and switches.  If it's white you're after, we found a less expensive model from Air King at Westside Wholesale for $25.  Shipping is additional in both cases.

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