Roundup: Five Coolest Xbox Hacks

Roundup: Five Coolest Xbox Hacks

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 20, 2009

We love hacks. It's one of the scariest things to do to your new gadget purchase -- ugh we can't imagine if we broke our Macbook trying to pimp it out -- so those who customize are some of the bravest souls out there. While steampunk has recently monopolized the customization sphere, there are quite a few people doing interesting hacks. Today we found a list of 21 of the coolest Xbox hacks. We loved five. After the jump we take a look at what these gamers did to their systems.

While we don't condone playing while driving, this is a pretty ambitious hack.
Now we're guessing this person gutted their Xbox and then put everything back into a laptop case. It has a 17″ wide,1280×720 progressive-scan LCD VGA monitor, a water-cooled custom-built radiator, a built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi.
This hack comes as a $49 kit. It includes a chrome HDMI case with matching wireless controller case and hard drive case.
Just because you can, this gamer added a 5.8-inch LCD in his case mod. We guess, if his/her TV fails they always have their back-up screen.
And because we love Apple so much, we just couldn't resist this Xbox mod that looks like an Apple tower. You can get your own Lian Li Xbox Case here.

Thanks Aleptu via Geekologie

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