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We Made Over the Same Bedroom in 3 Distinctive Styles. Which Would You Choose?

published Apr 29, 2024
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Credit: Photo: Sarah Crowley; Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson
Laveppia's Chicago bedroom. We styled the space with classic pieces from The Home Depot's home collection to create a "neutral" foundation before layering on distinctive styles.

Finding your style is really an accumulation of design choices over time. And while some of those choices will be big, many are small! The details, from wall art to accent furniture, are what cohere into a style that feels your own — and they’re also the items that are nimble enough to swap out when you want a change.

Whether you’re searching for your style, refining it, or trying something new, it only takes a few touches to bring it all together. The Home Depot has affordable options for every aesthetic: From the latest trends to timeless classics, The Home Depot furniture and decor can give your space a whole new look and feel in no time.

To help prove our point, we enlisted Laveppia, a reader in Chicago who wanted a bedroom upgrade but wasn’t sure which direction to go in. We started with a foundation of stylish neutral pieces from The Home Depot: a sleek metal bed frame, fresh white bedding, and a cozy fleece storage ottoman. These pieces create a casually classic style on their own, but they primed us to layer different looks on top.

In three little areas within Laveppia’s makeover, we created distinct style moments that demonstrate how the smaller details can add up. After chatting with Laveppia about her preferences, we chose three trending styles we thought would serve her and her space: organic modern, industrial modern, and Parisian traditional. See how they change her space, and let us know which you prefer.

The Bedside Table

More than just a place for your glass of water and latest read, the bedside table is a great canvas for making a small style statement. Nightstands are more affordable than larger pieces, and they hold smaller accessories that make big statements.

Do you want to lean into Laveppia’s exposed-brick loft vibes with an industrial modern look? A sleek-lined black table and slim metal lamp do the trick. How about a luxuriously laid-back Parisian feel? A stately hickory brown nightstand feels warm and traditional, especially with an elegant table lamp in antique brass. Or perhaps you prefer the warm organic modern aesthetic, with its tactile textures and soft lines? Try a nightstand with curved corners and a sculptural wood grain-resin lamp.

Accent Chair and Wall Art

As far as visual impact goes, accent chairs are a huge bang for your buck: a small, functional piece of furniture with big style personality. We tried out three, each with complementary wall art for a more layered effect. For industrial modern swagger, opt for a leather chair with a gunmetal frame and moody abstract artwork. To channel a Parisian appartement, try a fuller design with striped upholstery and nailhead trim, paired with a contemporary take on a classic landscape. Achieve a organic modern look with a supple round swivel chair and modern neutral print, for cozy, subtle style.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are like statement jewelry for your bed: You can change them in and out to suit your mood (and your sheets), then admire how they’ve instantly elevated the whole look. Earthy hues and subtle texture add depth and softness to an industrial modern aesthetic. A nonchalant mix of stripes, patterns, and pops of color creates a lush Parisian effect. And tactile trim combined with creamy neutral whites and beiges makes for a touchable organic modern scene.

Which Did Laveppia Choose?

In the end, Laveppia went industrial modern, playing up her space’s gleaming hardwood and exposed brick with mixed metals, deep colors, and straight lines. Which would you go with?

Credit: Photo: Sarah Crowley; Prop Stylist: Amanda Wolfson
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