Adventure Travel For Tots

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We thought traveling with baby was an adventure in and of itself. Wrong.

The WSJ reports a new trend among well-heeled parents – planning adventure vacations for tots.

We’re talking exotic and remote locations that require special vaccinations, long flights and multiple modes of transportation just to reach the destination. Surveying the sample list at the end of the article, several of the trips cost 5-digits. Summiting Kilimanjaro is one of them. Obviously meant for older kids, but it’s inclusion still surprised us.

The article discusses problems some of the parents faced including sickness and lack of access to immediate medical services and serious injury or even death.

Travel is one of the true pleasures in life and sharing that with your kids as a family is priceless. The opportunity to push yourself physically or to get as far away from civilization as possible motivates us to work the other 50 weeks of the year. But how young is too young? Share your own travel experiences with babies and young children and tell us what you think.

(pic: James Bennett)