A Bunch of Comedians Tested Korean Sheet Masks For the First Time

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Julia Brenner)

So, first things first, can someone please alert the Pulitzer Prize folks about this article? Because there’s hard-hitting journalism and then there’s “Sheet Masks: A Journey in Pictures.” I know, guys, deep stuff. But truly, if you are even a little bit interested in trying the ever popular sheet masks, we’ve got a lot of reviews for you that range from, “I feel like I can take on the world!” to “SO slimy!” Life changing.

Never heard of the K Beauty trend, or wondering why Korean beauty products are everywhere these days (and I mean everywhere….)?:

The Sheet Mask Testing Process:

The 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge—in which you use a different type of mask every day for a week—has received overwhelmingly positive reviews so I thought that would be a good bet for my research.

What Am I Hoping Will Happen in 7 Days of Masks?

I’m in my 30s and in the last few years I’ve really come to appreciate my face, my skin, my body for all that it does now, has done, and hopefully will continue to do. So I’m definitely not looking to be “prettier” or “younger” or anything like that, but I am interested in keeping my skin healthy and well-cared for, so these are my expectations:

  • At this stage in life, my skin is usually fine. Not fine like ‘ooooh, s/he’s fiiiine‘ but more like a plain piece of bread is fine. It’s OK, which is OK with me. But if the masks help my skin look a little brighter, well excellent.
  • One of the benefits of aging is that I don’t really breakout anymore (something to look forward to youngsters!), but I have very sensitive skin that reacts with rashes to certain products—so I’m hoping none of the masks cause a bad reaction.
  • I don’t think I’ve had a rosy glow since I was five. So I’m definitely open to glowing, just to see if I humanly can.
  • I have a chronic thyroid condition that impacts my hormone levels and when I’m having a flair-up, my skin gets incredibly dry and my eyebrows fall out a bit. I in no way expect a mask to fix that (that’s what fish oil and medication are for), but external treatments have relieved my skin in the past, so I’m interested in seeing what impact the masks might have on said dryness.
  • I’m hoping seven days is enough time to figure out the perfect way to answer the question, “Why are you writing about sheet masks on Apartment Therapy?”

My 7-Day Sheet Mask Challenge

1 / 10
Ok, so here I am on Day 1. I was scheduled to try my first mask and realized I hadn’t taken any “Before” pictures. So I took these in the parking lot of Target because there was natural light and I wasn’t wearing any makeup, and if the Internet has taught me anything, it’s that any “Before” pictures need to be taken in natural light or they’re not legit. But I did forget to take my hood off, so that’s why these are extra dramatic. It looks like I’m about to face down the Nordic tundra. But it was really just the Target leggings isle. (Image credit: Julia Brenner)

And Now! More Sheet Mask Reviews

As I only have one face, I thought it would also be helpful to bring in more people. You know the old saying: more people=more faces. (I made that up.) My next thought was, ‘hmmm, who would write colorful reviews and be willing to have pictures of themselves published looking like comic book villains?’ And then I thought, ‘Ah-ha! the members of Chicago iO’s improv team, Snowball!’ And lucky for me, some of the members (the girls) were up for it. And then I realized I didn’t have any guys, and skincare is important for men, too, so I thought, ‘Ah-ha! I’m married to a guy and surely he’ll want to try out a sheet mask!’ Turns out, he 100% did not want to at first. “But I have a beard!” he protested. In the end, he and his beard tried some masks.

1 / 7
Amelia of Snowball tried the Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Panda Mask EXPERIENCE: I don’t have any sort of “face ritual” or daily regimen I follow, so I really don’t know my own skin but my face felt soft afterwards. PROS: The animal masks do smell really good! CONS: The worst part about these is that your face is trapped and you cannot smile, and I smile a lot! It’s kind of like wearing scuba flippers to play soccer… INCONVENIENT. GRADE: B (Image credit: Amazon & Amelia Kay Marks)

If you’re intrigued by sheet masks, or want to explore the wonderful world of Korean beauty products, there’s tons of stuff out there that people swear by.

Or, if you prefer to dip your toes in the Korean Beauty market, try one of these subscription beauty boxes for a good introduction to a bunch of products to try out over time.