Your Chip Bags Are Too Noisy! Backlash Against FritoLay

Your Chip Bags Are Too Noisy! Backlash Against FritoLay

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 6, 2010

FritoLay has made a recent push to reduce the stress their company puts on the earth. There were huge ad campaigns to make people take note of their new use of solar power to produce their Sun Chips. They made bags that were 100% compost friendly and really took the reigns in the world of mass produced snack products... that is, until consumers fought back for a very small petty reason.

Now I'll be the first person to admit that when my husband and I brought home the new Sun Chip bag that was quick to turn to compost, the first thing we noticed was how insanely loud the bag is. After making mention of it, we did what most normal folks would do: put the chips in a bowl.

That was the last time we thought about the noisy bag until this past week when it was announced that Frito Lay will be pulling all of those new eco-friendly bags and replacing them with the old ones (all except the classic original Sun Chip flavor). They have a new line of bags in the works, but sales on their product had dropped a shocking 11% because people didn't like the noise that their bags made.

Now we'll go through great lengths to help take care of the earth. We wash and sort our trash and recyclables, we compost and make weekly trips to local farms for sustainable products, and although we do pick up "regular groceries" as well, we try to choose those with the least impact possible on the planet. Although we understand that the average household who isn't on the green bandwagon just wants chips (and apparently quiet ones) and doesn't really care about the strides FritoLay recently took (which is why sales dropped), I really wanted to take a stand to say I wish other companies were so bold.

I wish everyone went all in instead of doing tiny bits at a time that really don't make that much difference. So what, you use 5% post recycled consumer product in your packaging; FritoLay made a solar factory and bags that you can toss in a landfill and have them disintigrate in just under a few weeks. That's making a difference and we hate to see them punished for that just because people can't put their chips in a bowl like we did. Silly right?

Read More on Sun Chips Eco-Fight from their website

Share your thoughts on the recall in the comments below and let us know how you feel about the green backlash against this new style of packaging.

(Image: Flickr member cogdogblog licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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