Always Hot? Cool Down With This Wearable AC on Kickstarter

published Jan 12, 2018
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If you’re the kind of person who hates being hot, you might be sold on blö, a new product that claims to be the world’s first wearable cooling device and diffuser.

Currently, there’s a Kickstarter campaign for the unique diffuser-fan combo, and it’s already surpassed its pledging goal, proving that many people are already blown away by it.

According to the product description, blö is small, rechargeable, lightweight and portable. It’s designed to help wearers recover from breaking a sweat after various physical activities such as running, hiking or camping, plus its creators claim the tiny cooling device can even help alleviate symptoms associated with menopause and multiple sclerosis.

(Image credit: Blo)

The blö has the ability to cool the wearer off by six degrees in a mere two minutes through the use of a small motor and a blade, which work together to create airflow. It pulls in air through a chamber which then flows over the customized essential oil insert to heighten the cooling sensation. The cooler air flows from the sides and bottom of the device, employing the use of ambient cooling, which focuses on a smaller area of skin at the base of the neck, which blö designers note is where the brain controls body temperature.

Like a fan, blö operates on multiple speed settings, including low, regular and turbo. It gets a full charge in an hour and 15 minutes via USB and lasts between four and eight hours depending on which speed is used. The customized essential oil inserts are made using recycled tin, felt and plastic,, all sustainable materials.

A pledge of $29 or more will get you a single blö when the devices are delivered in February. The wearable cooling diffusers are available in four colors: Black, Pink, Sky Blue and Royal Purple.

h/t Mashable