Here's How to Wear Your Tech, Head to Toe

Here's How to Wear Your Tech, Head to Toe

Jeff Heaton
Oct 26, 2011

We've talked about wearable technology before, but previous concept-only fashion+tech devices are finally becoming available. Whether or not this trend is here to stay isn't a question. Rather, it has become how far will we go? Cell phone implants seem ridiculous? They've been done. Popular Science has covered tattoos that indicate for body conditions. For now we'll stick with these devices that bring us closer to our tech without the need for surgical modification, thank you very much...

1. Calvin Klein USB Eye glasses ($159.20)
Upgrade your memory and your sight with these 4GB shades. While there are certainly much larger sticks out there, these will do well in a pinch. Plus they come in a variety of shapes and colors. James Bond would be jealous.

2. LG GD910 Watch Cell Phone ($1,099)
This one is a bit pricey, and most people probably wouldn't trade their iPhone for it, but it definitely doesn't feel like a brick in your pocket. The GD910 features bluetooth, a calendar, edge, email and an FM radio.

3. Vega One Light Up Coat ($649)
This coat is a perfect accessory for the night time rider. It is light weight with LEDs in the front and back that can be switched on or off using a concealed button on the coat. When off they virtually disappear. Smart clothing for safety without all the neon tape.

4. Lunatik TikTok ($39.95-79.95)
We couldn't make a wearable tech list and not include the famous TikTok iPod Nano watch. Its design is the poster child for making useful devices wearable. Apple even carries it in their stores now. Similar devices have popped up from Incase and the like.

5. M-Dress Mobile Phone Dress (Soon-to-be released)
Though the price isn't out on this dress yet the concept promises to keep purse sizes smaller. The wearer simply lifts her hand to answer a call and puts it down to hang up. A few pre-programmed numbers can be dialed, but beyond that features are limited — certainly no Angry Birds. But even if this doesn't become wide spread we may be looking at the future of the little black dress.

6. Rusty Wired Series Hoodies and Jackets
Like to keep your tech incognito? Check out active-wear company, Rusty's Wired Series, a mix of casual attire with a hidden headphone drawstring feature we think is pretty keen, especially since the built-in audio buds are washable.

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