Weather Report

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Aaargh, it is hot indoors with the steam heat knocking at the walls while it remains January outside. City weather today is sunny, cold and high of 52.The Surf Report for Wiamea Bay isn’t great either. Says Kurt, “2-3 ft.+ knee to chest high and poor conditions.” Of course it will be a lovely 84 degrees at poolside. MGR


Leftovers from the fading NW Swell with nothing rideable at Pinballs. Expect smaller remnants with more side/Offshore conditions later today. Reenforcements from a new NW Swell could start showing late this afternoon.

It’s near calm with partly cloudy & mostly dry skies early this morning. Trades have clocked more Easterly and will fill in and reach the 10 to 20 mph zone by this afternoon. Mostly sunny later today with only some isolated showers over Windward & Mauka – mainly in the morning.
Water Temps (L-H) 75-78 °F
Air Temps (L-H) 67-84 °F