Would You (Did You?) Honeymoon At Home?

published Jun 2, 2015
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(Image credit: Nancy Mitchell)

We’ve discussed staycations many times, and lauded them as great ways to both save money on hotels and travel and get to feel like tourists in our own city. But what about honeymooning at home? Could a week off from work, perhaps with a housekeeper, lounging about and/or doing all the things you always wish you had time for (both on the town and at home, heh-heh) be the sweetest honeymoon?

Has anyone done this? As much as I love the concept of the obnoxiously-named mini-moon— a short-ish, close-ish to home trip taken after a wedding rather than a splashy, ambitious, international extravaganza— a couple of nights in a local cabin, hotel, or campground still require money and planning. And that’s right after the wedding, which was likely made of money and planning— and love, of course. What if instead of going somewhere, no matter how close and/or affordable, you stayed home, but did it right? The way you always wish staying home could be?

If you live in a city, this could mean hiring a cleaning service, going to all the museums/Broadway shows/sporting events/lectures you always wish you could attend, checking out the fabulous restaurants you’ve heard so much about, picnicking in the park like the people you resent when you’re trudging past on your way to work, getting way over-dressed to go out for cocktails at a dive bar, doing a self-guided walking tour, hitting up the donut shop with the limited hours, strolling around the arboretum/conservatory of flowers, and falling in love with your city— and each other— all over again.

If you live in the country or a small town, you could camp in the yard, spend as much time as possible in the hammock, sit around the fire pit every evening chatting and admiring the stars (and how gorgeous you both look in the firelight), read in the sun, go for long walks/hikes, hit the local farmers’ market that you can never make it to, unwrap your presents, picnic for every meal, and bask in the sunlight and birdsong and love.

No matter where you live, you could simply stay in bed with a cooler of leftover wedding Champagne at hand, only getting up to answer the door for the pizza delivery guy. Now that’s a honeymoon!

Have any of you honeymooned at home? How did it go? Do any of you wish you had? I think I would get too easily sucked into routine/drudgery (“Oh yay, honeymoon toilet scrubbing!”) but I could be wrong…