Weed Control: Safe, Non-Toxic, and Easy Tips

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

After a couple of rains in the midst of our Texas drought, we were happy to see everything in our garden perk up. But we were slightly less happy to see that the perked-up plants included a large crop of unwelcome weeds, even in our carefully prepped raised beds. Since we’re gardening organically, we turned to these weed control tips to make sure our garden stays clean and pure.

Weed by hand. Let’s say you’ve taken the time to build raised beds or work in containers, or you have a small yard with just a bit of a weed problem. Weeding by hand, then, is a manageable undertaking. Donning gloves (we learned of skin allergies to weeds the hard way), grasp the weed close to the base. Give it a firm and slow pull, being sure to take the root along with the leaves.

Take care of your lawn. This is something that often goes overlooked, but we have heard it said many times that having healthy soil leads to a healthy lawn, and then leads to less room for weeds to intrude. Using good, high-quality compost, spread it directly over your lawn. Water less frequently, but more deeply, to encourage the grass’s roots to become more established. When mowing, don’t trim your grass down to the quick, but keep the mower higher to encourage the grass to keep growing.

Turn to any number of natural weed blockers, from your cupboard or the store:

Do you have any more natural weed tips to share?

(Image: Flickr member Davetoaster, licensed under Creative Commons.)