Kate's January Cure: My First Week

Kate's January Cure: My First Week

Kate Legere
Jan 9, 2013

Looking back on the past week, the January Cure has been a welcome challenge. After preparing for the holidays, hosting friends, and partying it up, it has given me a good excuse to slow down and recharge from a fun, but hectic past couple of months. Let's recap:

Day 1: Make a List of Projects
I am a mental list maker and found that the task of making a physical list actually helped to ease the anxiety of wanting to get everything done immediately. Writing it down made me realize that the list was not as long as I thought it would be, and highlighting priorities made it more manageable; while the list does not need to be completed this month, I still have it as a reminder of what I want to get done in the nearish future.

Day 2: Set Up Your Outbox
I placed a large brown bag in my entryway closet, and I am using this opportunity to take on the things in my apartment that I have been avoiding for some time, ie: that bowl my mom gave me that she loves and I hate. It made it into the "outbox". Let's see if I can finally part with it later this week without the guilt.

Day 3: Weekend Chores – Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox
I don't know about you, but my legs are still embarrassingly sore from scrubbing the floors this past weekend. It was a good reminder that cleaning is hard work, but it pays off. After collecting a record number of dust bunnies and washing my floors, I woke up in the morning less congested and feeling good about my accomplishments. I also woke up to beautiful flowers in my living room. Definitely the highlight of my week. The low point would be my failed attempt to get my bathroom floor grout whiter. No worries though — I just added it to my list knowing that I can schedule another attempt soon.

How are all of you feeling? Did you run into any challenges this past week?

(Images: Kate Legere)

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