LA Spring Cure 08: Week 2 - Getting Your Hands Dirty

LA Spring Cure 08: Week 2 - Getting Your Hands Dirty

Abby Stone
Mar 17, 2008

tanrazz put these vibrant flowers in the bathroom

Welcome to Week Two of the Spring Cure! You guys were busy this weekend, and trust us, it's going to pay off. This week's a key week. Last week you committed; this week's the week you get your hands dirty cleaning out the kitchen and laying out a clear plan for yourselves. Not that there isn't some fun involved as well.

By the end of this week you'll have chosen a date for a party to show off your accomplishments. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

sparklerawk loves waking up to flowers and she ordered that awesome Dwell duvet we gave away a few weeks ago. We think it'll be perfect for this room.

This week of the Cure emphasizes that redecorating starts with clearing out the old to make way for the new. The Outbox is one of this week's most important tools. Using it will help make Curing much easier. Remember: it's okay if it's messy!

aimeeroo documented her progress in week 1 with this fun cartoon

This week, for those of you doing the Deep Treatment, clearing out and decluttering the kitchen are your main goals; One Room Workout Curees will be focused on their room plans. And for everyone: try different flowers this week. It'll stimulate you visually.

To Do This Week (Deep Treatment)

  • Fix one thing in your apartment yourself (pick an easy one!)
  • Clean and declutter the kitchen (use the Outbox)
  • Determine your style
  • Cook one meal at home (keep it simple)

To Do This Week (One Room Workout)

  • Decide on the activities you want in your room (collect everything for that activity and put it in that space)
  • Make a floor plan
  • Name your vision
  • Make a shopping list

If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, slow down. Remember to stay focused and do what you can. Prioritize your main goals for this Cure and let the small stuff fall by the wayside. Looking through your photos, you guys are rockin' this cure so far!

becaronni2002's got a great idea for the closet that we might have to borrow!

Next week will be much easier. We'll be moving on to the landing strip for those doing the Deep Treatment, and we'll be honing in on color for those doing the One-Room Workout.

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