Weekend Homework: Do a Clean Sweep & Pick Up Some Chips

Weekend Homework: Do a Clean Sweep & Pick Up Some Chips

Janel Laban
Oct 31, 2014
(Image credit: Andrea Sparacio)

Alright, this is it: your room transformation is about to REALLY begin. The time has come for the weekend cleanup and clearout. (I know, sorry! But, just as I'm sure you knew it was coming up, you also know you'll feel GREAT when it's off your list.) Taking some time this weekend to do a really good, thorough decluttering and cleaning of whichever room your are curing can be a big job, but it's absolutely a key moment in the Cure journey. You can do this!

Your Weekend Assignments

1. Clean Your Room and Use the Outbox

Depending on the current state of the room you are curing, it could be a big project, which why I've scheduled it over a weekend. Focus on just your "Cure" room and don't get sidetracked into moving into other spaces - you want to do a REALLY great job in this single space. Pace yourself and really try and get it done in the next few days - you'll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you've got a clean and clear room to work on.

Spending time cleaning and decluttering your room will not only make the rest of the time spent working on the room more pleasant, efficient and successful, it will also be a source of ideas for the room refresh. While you work, stay aware. What works, what doesn't? What areas are dark or always cluttered? What's worn out and needs replacing? Is it easy to move through the space? Think of it as cleaning with an eye on improvements.

Here is a checklist of chores to complete. Adjust for your particular room and dance along with some awesome music to stay motivated!

  • Declutter! Clear off those surfaces and over-crowded storage spots - make good use of your outbox.
  • Floors: Clean them completely. Vacuum, sweep, mop, dry mop, scrub! This step puts you in touch with the space and makes a HUGE difference in how the room feels and will also help you when it comes to space planning.
  • Clean Furniture, Appliances, Fixtures and Cabinetry: Depending on the room, this can be about beds, sofas, refrigerators or toilets. The idea is to truly clean all the big items in the space. Move furniture to clean under things, vacuum upholstery, wipe down furniture legs and polish wood. Clean your fridge, stove, sink and cabinet doors. Scrub your tub, toilet, sink and clean the mirror. You get the idea :)
  • Surfaces: Dust, spray, shine.
  • Windows: Use a vinegar solution and newspaper or whatever your preferred glass-cleaning method - totally up to you, but get them gleaming.

This is hard work, so let's support each other in the comments. Check in, ask for help (or give it!) and be sure to let us know how your cleaning session went and how you feel about the room now that it's done. If we stick together we can all get this important step done.

2. Collect Paint Chips

If painting is part of your Style Cure plan (we've built in a full weekend to do it later on in the Cure, so you should!), now is the time to gather the sample paint color chips. Find an hour or so today or over the weekend to get out to the store and pick up chips. This is just the first step in your wall color change and definitely NOT in stone at this point; it's about collecting options.

Don't stress, just think about your interview, style research results and inspiration photos, as well as Maxwell's color lessons and go for it. Then, come home, tape 'em all up to live with for a little bit, and be sure to tell us all in the comments (and link to if possible!) the colors you are considering.

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