Weekend Meditation: Do One Thing

Weekend Meditation: Do One Thing

Cambria Bold
Jan 8, 2010

Earlier today while looking at Gina's (of Bright and Blithe) repurposed ribbon storage, I came across a post she wrote on December 31st titled "One Thing: The Beginning." Here's what she said:

Today is the third day.
Not the third day of the week, the month, or the year.
Not the third day of anything that is on anyone else's calendar.
It's the third day of doing one thing.

One thing to pound the stiffness out of these joints.
One thing to make me stand a bit taller.
One thing to make these arms a bit stronger.

It does not have to be predetermined, or perfectly executed.
It is not an item on my to-do list, a task, or a chore.
It is a privilege, an opportunity, and a gift.

A gift to the One who gave me breath.
A gift to the ones I love the most.
A gift to myself.

I am not looking back with regret.
I am not looking forward with timidity.
I am focused on today - On doing just one thing.

This struck me because, as I wrote in my last Weekend Meditation of 2009, there's always a rush of expectations in January. I love a fresh start, but soon that feeling of newness and bravery and possibility gives way to a panicked push for perfection. My husband is always telling me to take it one step at a time. If I come to him with a big To-Do list of everything I want to do that day, he tells me to just pick two and schedule the rest throughout the week. He knows that I often aim too high, and then feel bad when I miss the mark.

So I resonate with this "Do One Thing" challenge. I think I can do one thing, one single thing that I want to do, every day. And if I do, then before I know it I'll have done ten things, then twenty, then fifty... and that is inspiring.

What one thing can you do everyday?

Via: Bright and Blithe. Thank you.

Image: Faith Durand for The Kitchn

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