Weekend Meditation: How To

Weekend Meditation: How To

Abby Stone
Feb 12, 2010

A friend of mine stayed over the other night and, since I had to leave before him, and he'd never spent time alone in my home, I left him a few basic post-its about where things were. Later I got an email from him: "Thanks for your memos this morning...if only I had directions like that in life all the time."

I knew exactly what my friend meant. He's not alone in wishing that life came with directions. I'm always wishing I had a map so I'd know how to do life right. But I don't. I stumble through, I make mistakes, I mess it up and then I hope. I hope I can apologize or correct it or get a chance to do it over, I hope that I've learned enough so that I can do better next time and I hope that it's okay. Other people (like my friend) make it look easy but I've discovered that we're all feeling our way in the dark.

One thing I have learned however is, like tackling a home hack for a project I've never done before, life works best when I stay here, focused on this moment, and not worrying about a past I can't correct or a future I can't control. It's hard. I'm a perfectionist. In the same way, I want this giant project, my life, to turn out right so I plan and I make lists and I prepare. And then life happens. And the plan or the list goes awry and I have to improvise. So I do the best I can. Someone once said that today is a gift, that's why it's called the present. And that is what I try to remember. I'm knitting my first project, a sweater. I have to concentrate because if my mind wanders, I drop stitches. It's the same way with my life. The only thing I know is this moment, right now. This is where I am. I stop. I focus. And it gets done, one step at a time, one stitch at a time. No, it's not perfect, it may look a little homemade but it's mine, I made it myself, and there is pride in that.

What are some moments in your life that you are proud of?

[image: Melissa Clark's Revamped Kitchen]

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