Weekend Movie Night: Superheroes Streaming on Netflix

Weekend Movie Night: Superheroes Streaming on Netflix

Elizabeth Giorgi
Aug 8, 2014
(Image credit: CW)

Superheroes are kind of a thing right now. Since their creation, the masked and spandexed men and women of Marvel and DC have existed in our pop culture on some level, but right now, they're really having a big moment. Why not catch up on the archive via Netflix?

Here are a few you can stream this month:

1. Super

The director of this summer's box-office-smashing Guardians of the Galaxy has prior experience in superhero cinema, but not of the blockbuster variety. This over the top comedy from 2011 gives Rainn Wilson the chance to show what an unexpected hero might do if given the chance. It's easy to see how Gunn's campy style translated into Guardians.

2. Ultimate Spider-Man

This short-lived animated series boasts legions of adult fans. While kids loved it for Peter Parker's butt kicking capabilities, there's a certain witty humor interlaced in this show that adults can latch onto.

3. The Incredible Hulk

The original Hulk series is still the best. While technological advancements have only improved many of the effects used to create super humans on screen, the style and charm of this show still resonate.

4. The Avengers

It's the highest grossing movie of all time. If you haven't seen it, I don't know where you've been the last couple years, but come on, just watch it. No, you don't need to have an extensive knowledge of the Marvel universe to enjoy it. Yes, it's just pure super fun.

5. Make Me Superhuman

Ok, so you've taken in hours and hours of death defying feats. What would it take to actually pull off these stunts in real life? Well, National Geographic sought to answer that very question in this fun special.

6. The Four

Want to know how non-Hollywood filmmakers are taking on the superhero trend? Then you must try The Four. While its heroes are more super martial artists than wielders of special powers, the sentiment is the same.

7. Hellboy

While this movie definitely isn't for everyone, those who like darker adventures will appreciate Guillermo Del Toro's style in this movie. The comic book series gets subtle nods here and there, but this movie can really stand on its own.

8. Arrow

This show isn't just for fans of DC's Green Arrow comic books. In fact, you don't need to know much about the character or his backstory to jump into this show. It's fast and stylish and rocks the bow and arrow trend hard.

What are your superhero cinema favorites?

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