Weekend Project: Transform a Chair with Decoupage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As I work on the finishing touches for my workspace (remember that weekend project), I’m left with a very plain and very white IKEA chair at my desk (I know, I know, ergonomics). I also have sheets of great wrapping paper from Paper Source and Flax just sitting in my closet as well as a bottle or two of Mod Podge. Decoupage anyone?

The chair in the photo was originally a plywood and metal chair that’s been spray painted and decoupaged. I probably won’t use a print that’s so floral, but I think I’ll opt for something just as bold (I’ve been dying to find a use for this pixel wrapping paper).

Full instructions on how to decoupage a chair can be found at Style at Home: Project – Decoupage Chairs.

Image: Brian Reiser