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Weekend Projects Begin Now! Start by Tweaking This Tiny Trouble Spot

published Feb 10, 2017
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Are you as excited as we are for Weekend Projects? To get started, we’re focusing on a small but mighty pain point for SO MANY homes. No matter how many people live in your household, it’s a universal truth that shoes multiply and take over your entryway. Some live in unsightly piles, while others clutter the floor and make it hard for us to walk through without tripping. This weekend, help your hard-working entryway do its job by clearing it of unnecessary footwear.

This Weekend’s Assignment: Spend a little quality time with your messy entryway and up your shoe organizational game.

Sort & Store Your Footwear: If you still have espadrilles by your front door, and you haven’t touched them since August, bid them adieu for now. Keep handy only the winter workhorses you currently use every day, like your boots and gym shoes. Everything else should get tucked out of sight in your closet or other storage system, until you’re ready to wear them again.

Then, organize what’s left. Find a cool crate big enough to store a few pairs of sneakers, or even a wall rack to hang your favorite kicks. With the right system, you’ll find you always have the approrpriate footwear when you’re rushing out the door.

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Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

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