Weekend Relaxation: How to Quickly Carve Out a Quiet Space

Weekend Relaxation: How to Quickly Carve Out a Quiet Space

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 11, 2014
(Image credit: Laure Joliet)

Been looking for a better place to meditate? A quick space you can relax in? A place to grab even a moment of quiet? You don't have to renovate your whole house or sneak off to an expensive spa or yoga retreat; a perfect little spot for relaxing can be created in a small corner or spot in your home.

1. Identify a quiet corner.
Could be a corner of a couch or a corner of a room. Could be the spot in your dining table that faces a window. Just find a place you can dedicate to cultivating quiet and a place to intentionally breathe and slow down.

2. Clear out distractions.
Move out any baskets full of things. Shove remotes out of the way. Even take down any bold or colorful art. Walls with calming hues or clean white make a great background. The idea is to eliminate things from your view (could get done simply by changing the direction you're seated in.)

3. Grab a comfy seat.
Could be an existing chair, could be a comfortable floor cushion. Make it soft and treat yourself to sumptuous textures. Maybe it's a special pillow or throw you bring out to sit on when you're needing extra stress-fighting power. Remember to turn the seat away from your home's action to focus in on calm.

4. Create a barrier.
Not necessary, but if you can create a physical barrier between your quiet space and the rest of your house, like a curtain or a tall plant, it'll help with making this spot seem a little closed off and special.

5. Let good light in.
If your corner can contain a window to let in natural light, awesome (just don't pick a window that looks out against a stress-inducing landscape). If no window can be found, bring in some candles to dim the lights and induce a peaceful state.

6. Practice making this a space of happiness and laughter.
Start this small quiet space out with good energy. Spend time in it when you're in a good mood, thinking about positive memories or things you're grateful for. That way when you're stressed or overwhelmed, you can come to this spot that's associated with good feelings to reset your mind.

Do you have a go-to spot for calming stress and seeking peace? If you do, what have you done to make it feel relaxing and special?

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