Weekend Roundup: Pools, Cans, Simplicity & Zhoozh

Weekend Roundup: Pools, Cans, Simplicity & Zhoozh

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 19, 2004

slesin.4Here comes the sun! What a weekend. Between getting outside, painting our floors and trying to keep up with all the interesting things in the Times (including a magazine length design supplement), it was a busy one. But despite the grim news in our world, it is hard to be pessimistic when all around you flowers and trees are bursting into bloom.

Last week I totally forgot to mention that the the average price of an apartment in New York has risen to its highest level yet: $998,905, according to a market overview by Douglas Elliman. While the median price has risen 21% in the last year (to $625,000), the bottom line is this: apartments in NYC are not getting cheaper. Meanwhile, on Houston Street two groups are quickly building a fresh batch of apartments to easy the strain. Part commercial and part residential, the apartments will sell for about $1,000 a square foot, which will probably sell fast, though I wouldn't spend that much to live on a busy street with tourists crowding the sidewalk all weekend.

If you want to get the space you need and not pay those prices, then you should follow the example of Tad Mike and Christopher Rawlins, who moved up to Inwood (see map) and bought two apartments, one over the other, for $197,000 TOTAL (including renovations). The downside? location, location, location, but as we, I, you search for affordable, habitable apartments at least this one has been given a hip, new name: WaHI (Washington Heights Inwood).

In other news, if you are suffering from just nearly getting free Wi-Fi in your home or office from someone elses network, don't despair! Cheap antenna's can be made or bought that will extend the range that you pickup and help you to avoid having to slap down the $50 a month for DSL or cable. And if it is a pool that you want, that, too, can be installed inside your home for around $500,000, which is cheaper than buying another home by the beach (I guess).

While I know one friend who just paved over her indoor pool because the maintenance was so burdensome, I do admit to liking the sexy one at Sky Studios, which is owned by Jonathan Leitersdorf, and which I have dipped my toes in at parties.

Finally, for real interior inspiration, get the Home Design supplement in yesterday's Times so I don't have to regurgitate the whole thing. As The Times moves in on the turf of the shelter magazines, it does a great job of photographing a few interesting, more modest homes (particularly the Slesin-Steinberg house), and covering the travails of the design world (check out "The Zhoozh" - which is exactly what Apartment Therapy does on a smaller scale :-)). MGR


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