Weekend Warrior: Letterpress Workshop

Weekend Warrior: Letterpress Workshop

Grace Shu
Sep 5, 2007

Do you ever find yourself looking back fondly of when you were young, carefree, and exceedingly creative? There was no worry of how certain bills would be paid. No stress over what deadline wouldn't be met. And you were free--we were all free--to make whatever our little hearts desired. (My own youthful creativity extended to what can only be described as High Alert Dorkiness: In school, I teamed up with six other dorks and built a...robot inspired by Picasso. It could walk, paint, smile, and do other things. And? We COMPETED against other dorks. I look back and cringe with fondness.)

Anyway, overlooking that particularly memory, I've been feeling the need to take the time to be more hands-on creative. So, taking a cue from all the cool kids heading to class, I did a little research to find a letterpress workshop available to us out-of-school and in-the-grind worker bees.

Art Center at Night offers a myriad of workshops that range from illustration to learning Flash, and some courses are taught by day faculty members. For those of you also interested in learning about letterpress and making your own prints for your home (or holiday cards, or coffee table book), check out their 2-day letterpress typography workshop. Over a weekend, you'd be using metal, woodtype, and ornaments to churn out your own prints, learning all the ins and outs of hand-setting type and swearing over a Vandercook proof press. It's a little bit on the pricey end (about $325 for the course and supplies).

Photo from Greensleeve's Etsy

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