Something for Everyone: The Weirdest, Wackiest, Most Unbelievable Products to Hit Shelves This Year

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Sirin Labs / Nike / FaceCradle)

Throughout 2016, tons of creative minds managed to find inspiration amidst the ongoing chaos. While the world collectively went to hell in a horror-filled hand basket, innovators hunkered down and really brought it with a slew of delightfully quirky items.

Whether you need to satisfy pet, travel, tech, beauty, fashion or selfie-taking needs, you can probably find a solution among some of this year’s craziest products:

(Image credit: LICKI Brush)

The LICKI brush

For those times when petting your purring partner just isn’t cutting it, this tongue-shaped brush fits into your mouth, allowing you to groom your cat like a cat, but thankfully there’s no actual mouth-to-fur contact between human and feline.

(Image credit: Crealev)

Cloud-Shaped Speaker

While it’s only a prototype for now, this oddly intriguing cloud-shaped speaker that floats is one crazy product that we wouldn’t mind owning.

Ruggie alarm clock

Honestly, this alarm clock you have to stand on to make it shut off feels like blatant betrayal to all of us who could probably win a gold medal in the snooze button-pushing Olympics. Ugh. Maybe we’re just grumpy because we didn’t get enough sleep.

(Image credit: FaceCradle)

FaceCradle Travel Pillow

So, it looks rather ridiculous, but this Face Cradle travel pillow might be the next best thing to lying down during a flight, even if you get strange stares from fellow passengers.

Solarin Android phone

For the extremely well-heeled, dropping 20 grand on a smart phone probably isn’t that crazy of a notion. But we can’t help but be impressed (and yes, baffled) by Sirin Labs’ insanely expensive Solarin Android smart phone that comes with in-person troubleshooting, a military-grade encryption package and much more. We guess it’s better to be safe and swanky than sorry.


The SmartDuvet invention simply has the bed do the work for you. Love or hate the idea, it has a target audience in those who are admittedly lazy, genetically untidy, extremely busy or physically unable to manually make up their own beds.

Disappearing tattoos

For members of the indecisive crowd who really want to get inked but are more than likely to change their minds after the fact, Harlem-based startup Ephemeral invented tattoo ink that’s designed to disappear after a year and can also be removed in a single session.

(Image credit: Nike)

Nike self-lacing shoes

The only thing crazier about the Back to the Future-inspired Nike HyperAdapt’s self-lacing capabilities is the $720 price tag.

Skin cream that creates a second layer of skin

MIT researchers gave cosmetics companies some major competition by creating a skin cream that makes wrinkles vanish by creating an invisible artificial skin layer that can survive washing and other natural forms of wear and tear for up to a day’s time. The second skin can also serve as wound protection, maintain skin moisture and take a few years off the wearer’s appearance without damaging the skin underneath.

(Image credit: Coca-Cola Israel)

Coca-Cola selfie bottle

We don’t think our soda-drinking faces would rack up the most social media likes, but this Coke selfie bottle that snaps photos of sippers in mid-swig obviously begs to differ.