Welcome: November in the Dining Room

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Wow. And just like that, it’s Fall. We’re kind of sad to kiss the warm weather good-bye, but we’re having fun spending extra time making soup, bundling up in scarves, and (gasp) planning for the holidays.

November is Dining Room month here at Re-nest. We’ll be talking about anything and everything that has to do with creating a green dining room. We think it’s a pretty broad topic (encompassing food, decor, traditions, etc) — so we’re excited to dive right in! As always, please send us your tips and tricks!

And, even though October is over, we still have a couple more T-shirts to give away as part of our Creative Reuse 2008 project. So, get all the instructions here, then send us your ideas quick — and we’ll send you a T-shirt.