Welcome to the Offices of Pride & Glory Interactive

We’re always in the mood for a mini-home office tour. Well, actually this is a historic tenement home turned office located in the heart of Kraków. The design agency, Pride & Glory Interactive, wanted to keep the space light. By adding huge crystal chandeliers, a subtle color palette, and decorating using bright colored furniture paired with dark contrasted tech adds a nice balance of the modern, old, and new. Bonus shot that wouldn’t fit into our in-line gallery, after the jump.

The entrance features a huge steel wall clock, which dominates the rightmost wall across the wallpapered conference room. The adjacent wall features a huge Samsung TV that’s used to showcase their interactive projects to the team when going through their prototypes.

The wallpaper accent wall reminds us a lot of how media walls could also be easily framed by a similar technique. As for the color, we couldn’t help but draw comparisons to one of our favorite home tech tours; The Skyhouse.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

And now… the bonus shot! The kitchen is enhanced by elements of green, which fuses life into the monochromatic color palette, and an assortment of stainless steel expresso makers and tea kettles keep the employees’ pupils dilated to keep them awake during wee hours of the night designing. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of new morning coffee?

Check out the rest of the detailed tour via the link below.