We're Still Floored By Flor Carpet Squares

We're Still Floored By Flor Carpet Squares

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 29, 2008

Flor carpet tiles have been around for several years now, that's no mystery. It doesn't change the fact that we are still madly in love with them and adore scavenging for ways others are using them in their homes. Click through the jump to see 7 more fantastic Flor tile uses and an interview with Craig (who's living room you see above) on his Flor experience!

We asked Craig from Chicago, a few questions about his Flor tiles. Here's what he had to say about them!

1. How long did it take you to decide on the colors/pattern of your FLOR tiles before ordering?
I really took my time going through the catalog and playing around with FLOR's great online tile selector feature. That really helped me feel confident with the textures/colors I wanted. All in all, I spent a week thinking and rethinking and going through that site.

2. If you had it to do over again, would you have picked something different?
Right now, I'm happy to say that I am very pleased with the tiles I chose! I think in the future I may try to replace some of the lighter cream-colored tiles with darker brown ones.

3. Do you still love your tiles or would a traditional rug have been sufficient?
See, I think the FLOR approach to carpeting is perfect and brilliant. Because I would not be able to replace parts of a traditional rug to subtly accent a color I may want to introduce later. Or even if the colors of the room stay exactly the same, by taking some tiles out and putting different ones in, the whole mood of the room is effectively and inexpensively altered. I love it!

4. Did you consider modifying your tiles before laying them down? (cutting, shaping, mixing and matching pieces exc.) For this application I did not want to modify my tiles at all. I think in the future I would love to do a wall to wall installation. My boss did one that is amazing. He picked a scheme of tiles all the same texture and installed them on a slant. It is perfectly trimmed to the room and it looks really awesome.

5. Do you have any tips for others when purchasing tiles or trying to decide which ones should come home with them? Definitely, without a doubt, take advantage of FLOR's sample tiles. Order 6... order 20! --I guarantee that you'll be glad you had a chance to examine the textures and realize how much your computer monitor color is not calibrated! Not to mention the little 6x6 inch samples are awesome. Because they can become drink coasters or hang on the wall in some sort of arrangement to accent your pending FLOR installation. Another interesting thing I realized is that 9 of them fit into the space of one regular FLOR tile. I think that could look really great in a large layout.

Thanks Craig!
Check out some of the ways others have used their tiles in the rooms below. They are in nurseries, offices, living rooms, doll houses and more! They are installed in the color set they came together with, mixed and matched colors as well as textures and some that even installed on a diagonal.

Have you used your Flor tiles in an unexpected way? Show us and tag your photos with "apartmenttherapychicago" on Flickr!

Photos used via Flickr by: figlife, beetle9, tworabbits, splityarn, Gilkata, squeakymonkey, monstro, skaw,

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