5 Things You Need for Your Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Netflix Binge

5 Things You Need for Your Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Netflix Binge

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 30, 2015
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If there's anything good about the recent trend of beloved television shows and movies from our youth coming back as sequels, it's that every now and then, something truly worthy of being revisited gets a green light. The 2001 cult classic movie Wet Hot American Summer is heading back to camp (and onto Netflix) this Friday, July 31st for an eight episode prequel featuring many of the original actors (and some interesting new ones, hello Jon Hamm!). Don't be caught unprepared for what will surely be a long weekend of Netflix binge watching.

1. Snacks Vegetables

::Spoiler : In the first movie (and one hopes in the prequel), a talking can of mixed vegetables plays a small but powerful role. In great homage to the acting of an inanimate cylinder of metal, consider serving an array of tasty veggies instead of the usual Netflix binge-watching junk food. When you see how little it seems like a few of the actors have aged in the prequel, you'll feel better about yourself for going with healthy (but still tasty!) food — and the healthy fuel will help you stay energized and alert to make it through all eight episodes.

→ We know the holiday's passed, but we think the collection of recipes for the 4th of July from The Kitchn would totally rock this WHAS party: The Kitchn's Best Recipes for Your 4th of July.

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2. Camp crafts

In this modern, technological day and age, asking anyone (yourself or a binge-watching party guest) to sit through eight solid episodes of television without doing something else (Facebook stalking your high school friends, endlessly scrolling through Instagram or a whole lot of swiping right) is pretty crazy. But calm the antsy multitaskers inside all of us by providing an array of materials to create camp crafts while you watch this camp-themed show. You and your guests will then have creative mementos to take with you as proof you made it through an epic binge session. Try to have more than just one crayon color, though.

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3. Comfy seating

Unlike the characters in the movie and new show, few of us are age 16 and under, and sitting cross-legged on a floor for hours at a time without any cushioning just isn't really an option anymore. So make sure you've got enough seating available for your guest list, have plenty of extra floor cushions around for creative cushion stacking and maybe even consider bringing in a few pool floats for hilarious, on-theme special seats.

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"You taste like a burger. I don't like you anymore."
(Image credit: Studio DIY)

4. A cool party backdrop for photos

What’s better than having impeccable tastes in sophisticated, multi-layered, under-appreciated comedies? Showing off to the world that you have impeccable tastes in sophisticated, multi-layered, under-appreciated comedies. So incorporate some sort of decoration that yourself or guests can snap selfies in front of. Show off on Instagram what fantastic senses of humor you all have. And since this movie already has an American theme, you can re-use (or take inspiration from) 4th of July party decorations for a backdrop. (Hamburger balloon image is a DIY from Studio DIY you can find in the post below.)

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5. Outdoor games

Since sitting isn't exactly the healthiest activity ever and since if you're inviting people to your house, you probably value the health of your guests (or at the very least don't want to personally contribute to any future heart disease), in between episodes encourage leg stretching and exercise by setting up some outdoor games in your outdoor area!

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Never seen the original Wet Hot American Summer? Remedy that immediately (it's streaming on Netflix right now). And check out the trailer for the prequel to get even more excited!

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