Eureka! Furniture Assembly in Toronto

We’ve all been there before: sitting on the floor, sore knees, scowling at a roommate or loved one and repeatedly turning around an elaborate instruction sheet trying in vain to assemble something from IKEA (or another flat-packed furniture company). Eureka Furniture Assembly, based in Toronto, has been offering services assisting with assembling furniture (and general move-in /set-up) for both residential and commercial clients since 2001.

How Does It Work?
Eureka charges based on an hourly rate (at time of publication, $60 per hour) or a per-project rate. For someone new to Toronto, who needs an extra pair of hands putting together a giant wardrobe or an elaborate piece, Eureka is definitely filling a void.

One service that has proved to be successful is to offer the application of a high-quality carpenters glue to make the furniture more structurally sound and last longer.  “We understood that a lot of RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) and Flat-Pack furniture may look good but is very fragile and if one wants a piece of furniture to last, this is the answer”. Founder, Peter Filimonov, likes to quote one of his clients who explained that “my hands are as useful as that picture frame on the wall”. In addition to dealing with flat-packed furniture, Eureka has also assembled giant barbecues, children’s playgrounds and helped get new offices in order.

Their charming website, strong branding and slew of testimonials beget the question of how soon will it take for Eureka to become a continent-wide franchise. (Didn’t Geek Squad, the in-home computer help company, start out as a one-man show? They now have 24,000+ employees). It is not clear whether Eureka will also teach you how to pronounce the strange Swedish name of the light fixture they’ve just helped hang.

Images: Eureka