What a Tetris Pro Can Teach You About Packing

What a Tetris Pro Can Teach You About Packing

Taryn Williford
Jun 24, 2010

Shove this in your mom's face next time she comes down to the basement to tell you to stop playing video games: A lifetime of playing Tetris can actually provide you with some real-life, away-from-the-screen skills. Kotaku reached out to John Tran, California's 25-year-old Tetris master, who had some practical tips about packing up for your next move.

When you play enough Tetris to become a "master" worthy of the Tetris Company's recommendation, you're bound to see Tetris creeping into your dreams, as Tran will proudly tell you.

And when you're thinking about interlocking irregular bricks day and night, you're bound to acquire some skill for fitting shapes together. Hence why Kotaku decided that a Tetris master was the perfect person to dish out tips on packing up the truck for a move.

Here's Tran's advice:

  • Take a glimpse at your next pieces (moving boxes in this case) to determine the best placement positions.
  • If you have a box that doesn't fit neatly, hold onto it and un-hold it when it won't mess everything up.
  • Stack as flat as possible. The even field will save you reaction time and give you more stacking options.
  • Avoid creating unnecessary gaps to maximize space usage.
  • Leave an empty column open for your long boxes, and if you don't have any long boxes buy some.
  • Don't waste your long boxes! (Don't use 'em until you need 'em to fit a space)
  • Multiplayer will help you reach a faster time, so have some friends and family help you out.

It turns out hardcore gamers can teach us more than how to make a doppelganger avatar in Second Life. Just remember that unlike Tetris, not all boxes weigh the same.


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