What Are Some Great Cleaning Tips for Those Short on Time?

What Are Some Great Cleaning Tips for Those Short on Time?

Jess Watson
Oct 1, 2010

As most of you can relate, major life changes (babies, new jobs, grad school) can leave you feeling like you don't have time to do the little things, like doing the dishes or cleaning the toilet. When every other aspect of your life is leaving you exasperated, how do you find time to make sure that a cluttered and dirty house doesn't add to your frustrations?

While hiring someone to come and do the grunt work is at the top of my "solutions" list, no one will be around daily to do the dishes, get rid of clutter or put away my laundry. I've come up with a few tips that may not be groundbreaking, but do get the job done:

• Spend just 20 minutes every day putting stuff back where it belongs. Although it's much easier to throw that sweater on the floor, it (and you) will be happier if it's hanging in the closet.

• Clean your dirty dishes immediately. It's not like you have time to cook big meals anyway. Might as well clean your coffee mug as soon as you are done with it.

• Multitask - wipe down the bathroom sink while you are brushing your teeth or clean off the kitchen counters while your coffee is brewing.

• Make your bed every day. Something about walking into a bedroom with a made bed makes everything seem right with the world.

Now that you've read my ideas, what are yours?

Image credit: tylerkaraszewski / Creative Commons

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