What Are You Putting off Repairing or Replacing in Your Home?

What Are You Putting off Repairing or Replacing in Your Home?

Taryn Williford
Jul 11, 2012

Growing up, I remember the broken knob in the shower. Long after the hot water knob had rusted off, my folks were still stepping into the shower with a pair of pliers to to twist the tiny rod poking out of the tiled wall where the shower knob used to be. It was probably an easy enough fix, but the pliers seemed like an easier solution at the time. What home repairs are you putting off for time, money, or convenience?

Maybe it's a light fixture. Or the dishwasher. Or some other non-essential that you didn't feel like playing a $600 repair bill for the privilege to use. Or maybe it's just a little bit broken, but still functional. What project or repair or replacement are you putting off and why?

For me, it's my car radio. I know it's not technically in my home, but my car is definitely an extension of my home, especially with my commute.

I always used to listen to the music from my iTunes playlist anyway. My previous method for jamming out in the car involved burning playlists from my iPhone onto CDs (I have a personal loathing for FM transmitters, but that's a different story for a different day).

But, my car is kind of old and while having both a CD player and cassette tape player right in the dash must have been cool in 1998, it stopped being cool for me long before the sound system broke. Since I never had an AUX cable, I've put off repairing my radio in favor of listening to music and radio right out of my iPhone, using the cupholder trick to slightly amplify the sound. I skipped a step in my weekly playlist routine and saved a $200 repair bill in the process.

So what's your repair procrastination story? Do you hand wash your dishes because of a broken dishwasher? Is your bathroom missing tiles because the old ones were discontinued? Do you line-dry your clothes because your dryer is on the fritz? Get it off your chest and share the dirty details with us in the comments.

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