What Are Your Daily Tech Rituals?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

To check just how much creatures of habit we are, we just have to take a look at some our daily rituals. While things like brushing teeth are fairly universal daily (let’s hope more than once a day) tasks, what daily rituals extend to the tech in our lives? Here are some of our daily tech rituals and we are curious to hear yours.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

1. Screen Cleaning
One of the first things we do after we wake, before leaving the bed, is to clean the screen on our iPad and iPhone. Yes, it sounds a bit much, but it makes a nice difference to the start of our day and only takes a few seconds. This little task is made even easier with our new iPad companion, the Toddy, a two sided brightly colored cleaning cloth.

2. Weather, E-mail, & Game Check
Thanks to the ever fluctuating weather in New York, the weather app on our phone is the first thing we check after our screen is clean, this is quickly followed by e-mail. Thanks to our We Rule and Adventure Bay addiction, the next thing we do before getting out of bed is to quickly harvest any crops and accept/ fulfill any orders.

3. Book Sync
Since our iPad is not 3G, we launch the apps we know we will be reading books from on our way to work to ensure we can pick up where we left off on our iPhone or Kindle.

4. Workstation Clean
Once we arrive at our workstation, one of the first things we do is to give the keyboard a quick rubbing alcohol swipe and the screen a clean with our Toddy. Once a week we give our workstation a deep clean, this means clearing off the entire desk and disinfecting tech and surfaces.

5. Unpacking the Bag
At the end of the day, we unpack everything that is in our bag & pockets. This serves two purposes: one, it helps us to keep our bag & pockets relatively clutter free (no receipts from 1999) and two, it helps us make sure nothing is forgotten in the mornings where we need to dash out the door. It also gives us time to evaluate what we really need to have in our bag vs want. Since we don’t own a car, anything we want to have with us during the day needs to be carried on our person and that can get very heavy rather quickly. We almost always have in our bag & pockets: iPhone, iPad, Toddy, tissues, water bottle, wallet, lip balm, small cosmetics bag (containing powder lipstick, and mints), headphones, and keys.

What are some of your daily tech rituals?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho and Flickr member Spinnerin licensed for use under Creative Commons)