What Are Your Household Chore Quirks?

What Are Your Household Chore Quirks?

Leah Moss
Jul 21, 2010

If you're paying for your living space, you've probably formed at least a few ideas about how household tasks should be done. For me it's loading the dishwasher. My desk can look like ground zero and my bed is rarely made without an incentive, but my dishwasher better be effing loaded right.

It's probably silly to read too much into a simple task, but I'm always struck when I come across another OCD dishwasher loader. In my experience, we would rarely be classified as type A personalities. We may even be considered to be laid back....except when it comes to fitting dishes in like perfect puzzle pieces without letting them get too close which would prevent them from getting totally clean, or ensuring that no bowl is smothering another dish, or making sure all the silverware ends are in the right direction, or....

So, now that you know just what you're dealing with when you come over for dinner and offer to help with the dishes, what are your chore quirks? And how do you deal with them in a way that doesn't make your housemates question your sanity?

And, for what may be the ultimate in dishwasher how-to tips: Martha Stewart Dishwasher Do's and Don'ts

Image: Martha Stewart

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