What Are Your Home Holiday Traditions?

What Are Your Home Holiday Traditions?

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 5, 2011

Our home seems to play a big part in our lives during the holiday season. We're decking the halls, tracking down Christmas trees, baking cookies, and spending warm nights by the fire (if you're so lucky). There's something comforting about having a few traditions to look forward to each year. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours!

Growing up my home was laced with tradition, many of which were handed down from my parents' upbringing. Now, my husband and I are in the process of creating our own. This will be the first year we've spent in the same place twice. We didn't really have many concrete traditions prior (aside from food and baked good making) because our environment wasn't really the same.

This year we've been enjoying ending our evenings with a hot cup of tea, snuggled in bed with the dogs piled on top. Christmas carols have been blasting as we've taken on chores and we're looking to figure out a tree or stockings. Last year we made our own trees (which were later dismantled to be used in other wood working projects), so this year we're looking for something new.

It's this weird state we seem to be in where we can have any tradition we want! We can decorate as much or as little as we feel inclined to do and we can make our own rules. No matter where we've lived, we always spend time creating gifts for each other while taking turns choosing the playlist of the moment. What are your holiday traditions? Have any I should be picking up on? Let me know in the comments below.

Image: Digital Dingus

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