What Are Your Home Resolutions?

What Are Your Home Resolutions?

Laure Joliet
Jan 8, 2010

With the new year brings a burst of energy, a chance to see things with fresh eyes and the opportunity to guide your home in the direction you'd like. This year is starting out with a move for us so we have lots of ideas and hopes, excitement and some fear. And since we like the idea of setting a direction for the year we've shared our home resolutions under the jump, add yours in the comments!

1. No Clutter In the Corners: often we put off decisions about where something goes and so it ends up in a pile in a corner, pushed off to the side, forgotten and waiting. This year we want to make decisions: keep it, dump it, store it.

2. No Perfection: This is another big block to progress, so this year we're all about trying things out, having fun and not worrying if it will be perfect or not.

3. Entertain Even When The House Is Messy: We got better at this last year so we're going to continue. Kids toys on the floor and laundry on the bed? Come on over for some soup. Bills on the dining room table and a painting project in the hall? Bring a bottle of wine and let's have some chilli.

4. Grow Vegetables: We're moving to a place with a garden so we'll finally have some space to grow vegetables outside. Again, no perfecionism here, so if it's just a tomato plant, it counts!

5. Purge the Kitchen: We've got overflowing cabinets and surely don't need everything in there, as a part of the move we plan to lighten the load and only have the things we need so that there's some open space.

6. More Cozy: We plan to take more time to sit and just be cozy at home. Not cleaning, not on the computer, not on the phone. Just sitting in a favorite chair and enjoying being still.

7. Divvy Up Chores: The kids are old enough to take some responsibility so we plan to create a chore schedule so that everyone pitches in.

8. Hire a Cleaning Person: At least once a month to keep our home from chaos. With 2 working adults and 2 kids, it can get out of control, knowing that someone is going to come in and help at least mop floors and clean the bathroom is the only thing to keep (me) sane at points.

We could come up with a million more, but we're going to keep it simple and stop here.

What Are Your Home Resolutions?

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