A Morning Ritual Challenge

updated May 5, 2019
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(Image credit: Alysha Findley)

Oh the morning, the time when the sun rises and you have to will yourself out of a warm bed to begin your day. How you start out is so important, for it often dictates your mood until you hit the pillow once again at night.

We don’t always have enough time or solitude to be able to wake up how we would like to. Maybe you’re in a mad rush, or have to get the kids ready, or walk the dog, or head out on a long commute in traffic.

I usually wake up feeling tired, with a list of things to do running through my head, which causes lots of fun morning anxiety. But this past summer I challenged myself to change that. All summer I woke up a bit early, made some tea and a snack, and sat out in the sun on my porch for a good fifteen minutes. Let me tell you, it changed so much for me. I was happy and calm as I started my day, and when I woke up I did so with excitement and something to look forward to.

So I challenge you to change things up a bit and start out right. If you are not waking up and having some time for yourself, try to get up just five to fifteen minutes early and start a morning ritual that will put a smile in your mind. Try it for one week and see if it makes a difference in your day.

Do you have a great morning ritual, or one you would like to have that you can start trying? Share below.

( Image: Alysha Findley)