What Are Your Personal Tech Etiquette Rules?

What Are Your Personal Tech Etiquette Rules?

Mike Tyson
Mar 2, 2011

While technology continues to grow and become more invasive in our lives, it is becoming crucial to establish rules of common courtesy while using our latest gadgets so as to not intrude, disturb, or otherwise annoy our fellow humans with our digital counterparts. Over the years of daily tech usage, we've subconsciously established these rules based on the "how you would like to be treated" mentality. After the jump we'll fill you in on what we believe to be courtesy steps to respect others in our digital world.

Don't walk while listening to music. Living in a city, with friends and acquaintances all around, we never know when we're going to unknowingly run into one. Rather than fumble with our iPhone and headphones in order to prepare ourselves for a spontaneous interaction, we simply choose to put the music away and enjoy the sounds of the city as we head from place to place so we could quickly jump into a friendly conversation if a friend approaches us. Furthermore, our biggest fear is when a friend is across the street or behind us and calls our name, without knowing we were listening to music, and assume we were simply ignoring them.

Don't play with your phone while being serviced. Whether you're in line at a cashier or waiting to deposit a check at a bank, we think it is best to hold off on checking your Facebook feed or trying to kill that last pig in Angry Birds for a minute. Even if the employee isn't necessarily speaking to you at that moment, we think it is polite to give them your full attention so they don't feel uncomfortable disturbing you from your phone when it comes time to speak to you.

Don't play music loud in a public setting. Being a student, we spend a lot of time hanging around the studio getting work done. Typically, there are others present in the studio working equally as diligently. Occasionally, there is someone who decides to play their music straight from their laptop speakers so the entire room is subjected to the sounds. We think this is really rude and easily remedied with a pair of headphones. Not only do people have different tastes in music, but some simply like to work in silence so we are always sure to pack headphones. This equally applies to loud car stereos which bug us to no end.

No phones while eating out. Simple enough: when you're out to a meal with a friend, family, employee, boss, or significant other, we think the phone should stay in your pocket unless you're expecting a crucial text/phone call/email. Obviously some meals are more formal than others so there is of course some leniency here but in general we like to give our party our full attention.

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