What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?

What Are Your Tech Pet Peeves?

Chris Perez
Jul 30, 2012

We've talked design pet peeves and design allergies before, and it got me wondering, whether we have the same strong feelings towards the gadgets and technologies inside our home...tech pet peeves? To be honest, I didn't have to wonder about this very long, because I know we do — or at least I know I do.

Rather than frame this post around what myself or others dislike about others' decisions regarding their tech, I wanted to start a conversation on what we wouldn't do personally. For instance, you'll never catch my smartphone wrapped in a big bulky rugged case that doubles its thickness. I waited years to finally have a phone thin enough to slip in my front pocket — no way I'm going to go back to a holster. (*Side Note: Yes, I had a phone holster at one point in my life, and probably about the same time I rocked color-blocked polos. It wasn't pretty.)

Another thing I wouldn't do is don a bluetooth earpiece in public, mainly because I've embarrassed myself too many times around those who wear them — "You talking to me?" I reluctantly purchased a wireless bluetooth ear piece myself last year. Working full-time from home with a lot of teleconferences to dial into, it was practical and necessary. I'm still pretty guarded about it, though, and only put it on when I'm actually on a call — I even take it off temporarily when the UPS guy knocks on the door needing a signature.

I removed all the standard-def duplicates on my television guide so I don't make the mistake my parents do all too often — watch a standard def channel instead of the HD version. I simply have to take advantage of the HD set I bought and those HD channels I'm paying good money for.

I know there a few things I do that people would probably never do themselves. I have a prominent big screen TV that demands attention in our living room, with surround speakers reaching out of the walls. I also rock a set of those thick cushioned headphones, that I'll admit look big and awkward on me. But I really love them, the tunes sound great, outside noise is cancelled, and I sometimes catch myself just putting them on without even listening to music — it's cozy and meditative.

What are some of your tech peeves? What tech decisions would you never make?

(Image: Chris Perez)

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