3 Color Quizzes: Which Color is Right for You?

published Oct 11, 2011
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Painting a room is one of the least expensive ways to change things up in your home but the color you choose can be one of the most important decisions. Why? Because color can have a strong effect on your mood, emotions and behaviors.

If you’re undecided, or in the midst of picking a color for a room, it can’t hurt to take the quizzes below to help find out which color is right for you.

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This was my favorite of the three quizzes. I thought it was thorough and I enjoyed the large palette selection it gave me in the end.

From selecting an animal that most represents your personality to picking the soundtrack to your life, this quiz was by far the most thorough and I agreed with the results.

This quiz has quite the random range of questions. I wouldn’t rely on it to pick a color for your entire house, but it sure was fun to take!