10 Colors That Work Seamlessly with Light Blue

published Oct 16, 2023
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orange couch, black and white patterned chair, blue wall, vaulted ceiling, round chandelier, fireplace, color coded book shelf, orange painting, plants, round coffee table, living room, round wood end table
Credit: Kate Rangel

You might think light blue is an easy color to work with, due to its calming nature, subdued hue, and overall likeability. But even the most neutral colors can still use some design inspiration if you’re looking to spruce up your home. 

Although this color can definitely evoke an oceanic feel à la a beach house rental, you can incorporate it in any apartment or home, no matter where you’re located. Think about it: What’s more comforting than coming home after a long, stressful day in the city to a serene space? Light blue allows you to do just that.

If you’re considering working with light blue, here are 10 other colors that complement it without a second thought.

1. Light Blue and Burgundy: Modern Mix

Light blue can be an excellent choice for a rug color, as it’s soothing and grounding, but still visually light and airy. Take this Berlin studio as an example: For an unexpected but contemporary feel, pair this pastel up with a burgundy sofa. A dark red can balance out the sweetness of light blue, giving it a little bit of an edge.

2. Light Blue and Purple: Unexpected Pop of Color

This Brussels apartment isn’t afraid to play with color, and uses light blue as the neutral background to make other pieces, like purple and orange sofas, shine even brighter. A different shade of purple in the form of a throw pillow on the already-bold couch adds dimension and the overall look of the room doesn’t look overwhelming, thanks to the neutral light blue backsplash.

3. Light Blue & Sage Green: Ultra Calming

If you want to keep the calm vibes going, pair light blue against sage green, like in this Lisbon apartment. The light blue throw against the sage green couch makes the space ultra-inviting and will instantly be a mood-changer after a long, stressful day.

Credit: Kate Rangel

4. Light Blue & Salmon: Beachy & Whimsical

Light blue is the star of this living room in Fayetteville, North Carolina. But the salmon colors on adjoining walls and in the focal-point couch gives this room a beachy touch without going full-on beach-house style. It’s a great room to relax in and goes along with owner Stacey-Ann Blake’s goal of “living out loud colorfully.”

Credit: Helen Ainley

5. Light Blue & Pink: Barbie-Inspired Luxury

Don’t fear this color combination that might seem Barbie Dreamhouse-inspired at first: It’s actually a modern way to incorporate color. Additional whimsical details like fresh flowers, seashell vases, and pink art prints take the look from kids’ room to adult playground in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

6.  Light Blue & Light Purple: A Pastel-Lover’s Dream

Similar to the way light pink works seamlessly with light blue, light purple also adds a calming pastel effect, like in this home in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The checkered painted wall of light blue, periwinkle, and a darker purple allows the rest of the home’s accessories to blend in with the overall theme — even though multiple colors are at play in the couches, tables, and tabletop trinkets.

Credit: Michael D Wilkerson

7. Light Blue & Wood Tones: Bungalow Chic

Wood tones and wood paneling itself make an excellent color combo with light blue. Both shades are neutral, so you can pair them in any room. Because this entire home in Malibu is an ode to wood paneling, choosing to make statement pieces like the couch and throw pillow accents light blue doesn’t overwhelm the space and allows the wood to shine.

Credit: Ivan Sorokin

8. Light Blue & Navy: Bold & Approachable

Choosing darker colors in a kitchen is a rising trend that interior designers say you shouldn’t be afraid of. You can always balance out darker, moodier tones with … you guessed it … light blue. The light blue couch that can be seen from the kitchen of this Russian apartment perfectly offsets the navy cabinets and dark wood countertops. The greenery on the vines next to the kitchen helps to make the darker kitchen feel more lived-in. 

9. Light Blue & Brick: An Industrial Escape

Brick, massive windows, and an industrial ceiling? It might feel like an office building unless you do what this home designer did in Chicago and use light blue to make any environment less harsh. The couch is a little bit darker than light blue, but the light blue accents in the rug piece the entire room together. 

10. Light Blue & Pattern: Instant Glam

Light blue is a great cabinet choice when you want something that’s neutral, but has a bit of edge to it. Choosing gold hardware for light blue cabinets is a way to make it look instantly more glam. And when paired with this graphic tile, the neutral light blue allows each detail of the kitchen to shine.