What Do You Do When Leaving for Vacation?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’m lucky enough to be taking a very last minute trip to Orlando today, and I really haven’t had time to prepare. I just got word yesterday that I was going and now I’m frantically trying to get everything in order. When I was single and in college, leaving for a last minute trip was easy as pie &mdash now things are much different.

Luckily for my sanity, my boyfriend is staying behind (because of work) so he’ll be able to take care of the major stuff like continuing to tackle our ant infestation in the kitchen, and monitor our crazy kittens. If it weren’t for him saying home, I’d really be worried.

When both of us leave for vacation, it’s especially hard &mdash mostly because of the fact that we have two cats. There aren’t very many people, no matter how good a friend, that are willing to give someone else’s pet as much attention as you’d like. There have been plenty of times we’ve come home to no food or water for the little guys and that’s heart breaking.

Besides making sure pets are going to be ok &mdash what else should I be worrying about? What do you worry about or prepare for when you’re leaving for vacation?

(Images: Pottery Barn)