What Do You Do When No One Else is Home?

published May 1, 2015
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(Image credit: Sarah Gerber)

I have a quirky little habit that I only do when I’m alone, and my boyfriend came home from work early the other day and caught me doing it. He didn’t get it but maybe you will. I even took a picture for you. Wanna see?

(Image credit: Jennifer Hunter)

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Yep, those are my feet. So what am I doing? I’m stretching out my new shoes! It works like a charm, by the way.

When I went from living solo to shacking up with my guy, there were lots of little things I did chez nous that raised an eyebrow or two at first.

It’s not that I couldn’t kick it in heels and sports socks around the house anytime I want to, it’s just that when I find myself home alone, I use it as an opportunity to indulge in any crazy habit I want without having to explain myself. It just feels good.

I know you have your own little habits around the house and I want to know about them. Tell me, what do you grab the chance to do when you’re home alone?